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Iced Coffee Concentrate

I am a big fan of Ree Drummond.  She writes ThePioneerWoman.com and also has a Food Network show.  I liked her blog long before her show was on, and I love that too.  Ree lives in the middle of nowhere, and loves iced coffee – so she came up with a great recipe to make iced coffee concentrate.

I am also a coffee addict.  I love skinny vanilla lattes from Starbucks…..iced or hot, I don’t really care.  I want one….ALL. THE. TIME.  Now that I work from home, running 10 miles to a Starbucks every time I want a coffee is kinda out of the question.  I solved my problem pretty handily with Ree’s help.  Here’s what you do: Continue Reading

Inside Projects

Pantry Organization – Take 2

I think anyone who has been to my house on a regular basis will tell you I am a grocery hoarder.  I have lots of groceries in my house – and my pantries (yes I said pantries) are out of control.

I generally have to tear them apart and put them back together a few times a year.

The hot mess below is my kitchen pantry – before I cleaned it up.

Pantry Organization Tips

I was running a system where I put ONE of something in my kitchen pantry, and the rest in the storeroom pantry under the stairs.  Here’s the problem, I always forgot to look in the storeroom before I bought more.  I ended up with 4 boxes of Special-K and thought – “Enough is enough….time to change!”

So yesterday I tore them both apart and wiped down the shelves.  Here is how I got organized: Continue Reading

Everything Else

30 Day Challenge – Change is good!

We’re going to deviate from the norm here for this post.  I’m not going to talk about making a bag or some new recipe I found.  I’m going to talk about me, bear with me – I don’t write about myself often, but I think this post might be a good one to share.

I watched a TED talk with Matt Cutts from Google about 30-day challenges and stepping outside your comfort zone.  It was amazing…and I was inspired.

So I decided to figure out what I could do to change my life in 30 days.  It takes about 30 days to build or change a habit, so the experts say, and I have 2 habits that drive me crazy and need to be changed

One – I’m pretty lazy.  I get things done, dont get me wrong, but when it comes to getting my butt off the couch for a walk or some exercise…I can come up with an excuse faster than a big league pitcher can get the ball across the plate.  That needs to change.  So what am I going to do about it?  I started the Couch to 5k plan 4 days ago.  So far so good. It’s a pretty gradual plan, which is what I need – because I can’t sugar coat it, I’m in TERRIBLE shape.  I have a feeling a whole host of things are going to improve for me once I feel better about myself and my fitness.  Now to stay motivated for the next 26 days.

Along with building my stamina and fitness, I need to make some eating changes.  Workong on those slowly.  Summer is easier because of the abundanceof fruit and veggies.  Looking forward to some vegetairan or low-meat dinners and cutting down on fast food.  To be honest, I probably need to do a 30-day challenge to wean myself off fast food and diet coke….diet coke is probably one of my biggest weaknesses.

Two – I bite my nails.  Its nasty, it hurts, but I just couldn’t seem to stop.  I haven’t bitten a nail in 9 days.  I’d post a pic, but after 35+ years of biting, it’s going to take quite awhile for them to look decent.  They’re very thin and brittle and even though I’m not biting them, they break really easily.

So I’ll be periodically chronicling the changes I make and how it’s going.  hopefully I’ve built a few great habits by the end of the 30 days and gotten rid of a few terrible ones.

Outside Projects

Landscaping Project

I am a reluctant landscaper.  I LOVE how it looks when things are all done, but the getting ready and DOING the project take so long, I’m more likely to procrastinate than anything else.

It was time for a backyard transformation though. We had looked at the ugly long enough.  Here’s how it looked in the end:

But it took us awhile to get there………

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Carciofi Ripieni – Stuffed Artichokes Recipe

I love Food Network – its an addiction, almost as strong as my addition to recipe & food magazines.  Yes, I know I can find all of the recipes online, but holding that color photo of yummy food in my hand and curling up on the couch with my notepad and endless possibilities is so comforting.  Heck,I could be addicted to something more expensive, like Prada or Hermes….

Maddie and I were in the grocery today and they had some nice artichokes.  Maddie said “Lets make artichokes like Mario Batali.”  Challenge Accepted.

2 things – 1) I wasnt turning the oven on today – it was hot and 2) I had no fresh parsley….its okay – we improvised with the grill and some dried herbs – they were amazing!

Here’s the Recipe:

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Menu Planning, Recipes

Weekly Menu – May 19 through 25

We’re out of town for Memorial Weekend, so we’ll have meals through Thursday planned.  We’re going to our cabin and I might precook and plan meals for that, so will post another set of “transportable” foods for the weekend.

Saturday – Grilled Pork Chops, roasted potatoes and brussels sprouts, blackberry or peach cobbler with homemade cinnamon ice cream for dessert

Sunday – Grilled Shrimp, Roasted Corn Salad, Baked Beans.  I found a crock pot beans recipe I want to try and freeze the rest.  I’ll let you know how it goes.

Monday – Breakfast casserole – this is really different from anything I’ve done before but it looks yummy!

Tuesday – Bacon Cheeseburgers

Wednesday – Spaghetti & Meatballs, Fresh Salad & French Bread

Thursday – Pizza – white for me and pepperoni for the kids & Todd.  I LOVE pesto pizza with mozzarella, artichokes, and spinach – yummo!