10 No-Sew T-Shirt Upcycle Projects


I love the idea of quick and easy tshirt projects.  I have a lot of tshirts, tshirts are cheap, and they’re easy to find anywhere, especially thrift stores.

Many of these projects literally take less than 1/2 hour and you’re creating a great accessory or compliment to your wardrobe.  Here are 10 of my favorites

  • The Sara Vest  or the 5-minute T-shirt vest from Wobisobi.  These are so cute, so easy, literally you need a tshirt and a pair of scissors.  This is a great compliment to another tshirt that needs a little something extra.  You can embellish with paint, sparklies, buttons, ribbons, bows, ruffles or anyting else your imgaination can come up with.

Image from Wobisobi
  • You never have enough bags – and this 10-minute no-sew recycled t-shirt bag from Leethal is awesome.  It’s a great way to use fun t shirts that dont fit anymore, or never did.  This are great for grocery bags, lunch bags or anything else you might need them for.

Image from Leethal.net
  • I have super short hair, but I love headbands.  I DON’T love that the store wants me to pay $14 to $20 for a fancier headband.  This tutorial from A Law Student’s Journey is great.  The braided t-shirt headband is a great way to up-cycle a ripped t shirt that just cant be a shirt anymore.

Image from Three Years Of Death

Frilly Tshirt Scarf
Image from The Pink Peony of Le Jardin
  • I love t-shirt flowers – I made some awhile back and loved them.  This tutorial is for t-shirt roses from CathieFilian.com and is also no-sew and made from t-shirt scraps.  This project does use hot glue – you can maybe use tacky glue and get the same results.

Image from Cathie Fillian
  • I’m not sure the intent for this t-shirt reconstruction by Wilma was to make a maternity shirt, but she totally made something that would be VERY cute when framing a cute little pregger belly.

Ribbon Tshirt Reconstruction No Sew
Image from ByWilma.com
  • As much as I try to deny it, fringe is in.  This cute no-sew beach tote with awesome fringes is from Tiny Sparkly Things and uses a cute print t shirt to make a great beach-bag.  Dont live near the beach?  This one is also great for trip to the gym or farmer’s market.

Frilly Beach Tote
Image From Tiny Sparkly Things
  • Another headband – this one is wider, but still super cute and REALLY simple.  These headbands take about 2-minutes – no lie – and don’t require any sewing, but they do require heat tape or peel & stick tape.  I’m not sure with the use of tape if they’d be washable, read your labels.  You could also do the gather with a button and a piece of yarn, or one of the really cute t shirt roses I mentioned above.

2-minute no-sew headbands
Image from I Am Momma Hear Me Roar
  • Ladies, we all have those t shirts that just dont fit – they’re not fitted, really big, and make you look like you weigh about 15lbs more than you actually do.  This tutorial shows you how to turn a large, boxy t-shirt into a fitted tshirt without sewing a stitch.  I love this one because it doesn’t have really noticeable knots down the side.  The maker does note that it would take less time to sew this, but it’s a great option for those without machines and room to store them.

men's tshirt to fitted tshirt
Image from Connect The Dotsons
  • Let me begin this one by saying you should look at everything on Refashionista.net’s website.  It’s amazing.  This conversion is no-sew no-cut.  You basically tie the shirt around you and make it into a long t-shirt or a mini-dress.  I think this would be impossible if you’re over a size 4, but it’s a cute idea for a teen or junior or someone really thin.  You also don’t ruin the t-shirt, so it might be a cute way to wear your boyfriend’s team shirt without looking like you’re wearing a garbage bag.  I think you might stretch out the neck, so if he wants the shirt back…you might want to wear the garbage bag to avoid an argument :).

Tshirt Wrap Dress
Image from Refashionista.net
So there you go – 10 great ideas for upcycling your old, too big, too small, weird logo or thrift store t shirts.  Have some other favorites?  Share them in the comments below!