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Swedish Spritz Cookie Recipe

These tasty butter cookies are a holiday tradition in our home.  While you can dye and color the dough to make green trees or whatever you like, I prefer the plain sugar cookies with sprinkles and redhots as decoration.
You need a cookie press for this recipe.  You could roll them in logs and refrigerate and slice, but it’s just not the same. cookie-press I got my cookie press on – It’s the OXO Good Grips Cookie Press and it works well – it works BEST if the cookie sheets are really cold, but that’s not really practical when you’re baking dozens at a time – just be patient and understand that the dough consistency is directly related to how the cookies come out of the gun and onto the sheet – don’t be afraid to chill the dough down if things just get a bit too soft.

Colored sugar and red hots for tree stars or holly berries are my favorite decorations – but you can do absolutely whatever you like!


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Baked Cinnamon Spice Donut Recipe

cinnamon spice donut recipe

I got one of those donut pans for Christmas – the baking pans that you fill and hope it doesn’t overflow.  Well, they do overflow if you overfill, but they still taste fabulous.  Todd loves the powdered donuts that have the cinnamon powdered sugar on the outside – but lets face it – donuts are not really healthy and anything fried should be a treat, not a regular breakfast.  This baked cinnamon spice donut recipe is definitely a keeper

So a note on donut pans.  Don’t expect these donuts to look like something from your local Timmy’s or Dunkin’ Donuts – they’ll likely bake over the hole in the middle – like mine did in the pic.  But here’s the deal…they’ll taste better – so who cares?  You could also make these in your mini-muffin tin and have a donut-hole type treat.

This recipe made almost 2-dozen donuts in my pan – which took awhile because I could only make 6 at a time – but they are SOOOO worth it!  You could use plain powdered sugar if you like, but the cinnamon powdered sugar is pretty special.

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Big List of No-Bake Cookies & Desserts

It’s summer – and while it’s been unseasonably cool in Colorado this last week – It’s not going to last.  We generally crave something a bit sweet in the evenings but tend to not buy cookies and candies at the store.  I prefer to make something, but turning on the oven in the summer can be torture – even at night when its cooler outside.

I started saving no-bake dessert ideas awhile back on Pinterest, and thought I’d compile the ones I’ve liked into a post so I have it handy and can share it with all of you.  My criteria for the list was 4 fold – 1) obviously no baking; 2) easy to assemble – one bowl or pan usually; 3) no exotic ingredients its hard to find in western Colorado; and 4) no fruit and chocolate together – because GROSS.  Continue Reading

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Thumbprint Cookies – Coconut Style

Mmmmm – I love thumbprint cookies.  Since I’m supposed to be losing weight – I don’t bake much….but it’s cool out these last few days, and I need to send a care package to my daughter who is a Freshman at Northern Arizona University – so I’m baking cookies to send in her box.

Some thumbprint recipes don’t call for coconut, some want you to put a glaze on top, some are rolled in cinnamon and topped with apple butter (yum) – Maddie loves thumbprint cookies with coconut and berry jam -so that’s what she gets!  We brought home some Marionberry jam from our Oregon vacation last month – so I’m setting her up with some tasty treats.  

Here’s my recipe – its probably very similar to other thumbprint cookie recipes – but it’s easy, has minimal ingredients – and is very tasty!

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Cinnamon Ribbon Coffee Cake – Kinda Like Starbucks

My husband fancies himself a coffee cake connoisseur – he pretty much loves anything that involves cake, cinnamon, and no frosting.  Today I had plans to make cookies – but that process was vetoed in favor of my cinnamon ribbon coffee cake.  I had to dig around to find the recipe I’d altered and adjusted to our tastes, but finally found it and currently my house smells divine.

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Devils Food Chocolate Mousse Cake

We had friends over for dessert and drinks the other night – I love entertaining this way because it doesn’t involve a ton of cleaning – but does invite conversation and fun/tasty cocktails.

I had every intention of making a triple layer chocolate mousse cake I found on Pinterest – but after I got ready to make it, I found that the 28 minutes of cooking time was ONLY the baking time for one layer – but that the cake recipe as written also required hours of cooling and overnight cooling as well.  Well, who has time for that?  Soooo, I improvised.  This turned out great – the mousse layer includes bittersweet chocolate, which cuts down the sweetness factor but the sweet from the whipped cream layer does the trick.  Give this one a try – i did the cooling steps in the freezer, which cuts down on the time to make this.

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