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You’re looking for quick and easy projects to give as gifts or spruce up the house – and I have some solutions for you. I hate fussy craft projects that take a ton of time and have too many steps. These are guaranteed to be quick and painless, but look like you bought them at the craft store or from a professional artisan.

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25 Days of Christmas Gift Crafts, Crafts & Projects

Day 22 – Burlap Monogram Table Runner

Burlap design elements are Haute (haha – play on words, get it?  HOT/HAUTE?) these days.  The ability to buy burlap in rolls makes it easy to find, and customize, for your craft projects.  Colored burlap rolls are available at so many retailers, including Walmart!  Be aware – the further apart the threads are in the burlap – the more fragile it is.  It might be worth springing on some better quality stuff for this project so it’s washable and sturdy.

I love the idea of using a stencil and a sharpie to customize these projects – just be sure you have something underneath that can handle the bleed-through.  If you cant print and cut out your own stencils – then use something you print out and cardstock or a wood letter you get inexpensively at the craft store.

This tutorial from has good tips and step by step instructions.

Screen Shot 2014-12-22 at 2.35.10 PM


25 Days of Christmas Gift Crafts, Crafts & Projects

Day 21: Tea Cup Pincushion

I am a big fan of recycling china.  You can find adorable little cups in thrift stores -and finding ways to repurpose them is so much fun.  This little craft is NO SEW and quick – and a perfect little gift for the grandkids to put together for grandma or an auntie.

I found the idea on Pinterest – but happens sometimes it didnt link to anything – so I had to hunt around on the net for something useful.  This tutorial at is a great step by step explanation!


teacup pincushion

25 Days of Christmas Gift Crafts, Crafts & Projects

Day 20 – Homemade Gak

Gak?  Of all the things to call this stuff – that word is the worst 🙂  But, if you have kids in the family – sons, daughters, nieces or nephews – then this stuff would make a seriously great stocking stuffer.  The best part?  Apparently its pretty much “no mess” for mom and dad to clean up.

I found this cute tutorial at that shows how to make it step by step – in less than 5 minutes!

Because this has A tiny amount of borax in it – i’d keep it away from kiddos with “hands and everything in mouth syndrome.”  It probably wouldnt hurt them too much – but it could make them sick – so its better that this be for ages 5+ or so.


25 Days of Christmas Gift Crafts, Crafts & Projects

Day 19 – Teacup Bird Feeder

If you have a bird fan in your family – this is an adorable homemade gift.  I love to watch the birds in my feeders – and my feeders have all seen better days – so this would be a very welcome gift under my tree.

You can find china odds and ends and cups and saucers at any thrift store.  The tutorial over at Bushel and a Peck recommends Elmer’s Glass and Ceramic glue – but I think E6000 would work well too.  Hot glue would get cold and probably lose its “stick” in the long run.

teacup bird feeder

25 Days of Christmas Gift Crafts, Crafts & Projects

Day 18 – Cute DIY Coaster Set

I love ModPodge – I make a god-awful mess with it – but its such a fun material to use for projects.  It’s so quick and easy to put together projects with a variety of materials – wood, tile, etc.   The best tutorial I found is at – Follow them at Facebook too – great fb page!

I love how they use napkins, monogram letters, scrapbook paper – you could use cute tissue paper or wrapping paper as well.  Layer up a monogram on tip of cute scrapbook or tissue paper.  Keep in mind you need to let the ModPodge dry between layers.

White tiles are super cheap at Lowes or Home Depot as well – or order them from Amazon if you’re a hermit like me!

Try a 12×12 tile for a trivet – CUTE!


25 Days of Christmas Gift Crafts, Crafts & Projects

Day 17 – DIY Infused Oils for the Cook’s Gift

If you have a cook in your life – these DIY infused oils are incredibly easy to put together – smell great – and can enhance a dish or inspire a new one.  These make a pretty hostess gift, or can be wrapped and placed under the tree for mom, sister, wife, daughter or friend!

I find cute glass bottles with attached stoppers at Ross all the time – you could also order online from a variety of retailers – but I like or Crate & Barrel.

As far as recipes – you’ll find some great ones at – fabulous and easy!