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Making Gamey Game Taste Great

todd elk cropI have – over the years – had a love-dislike relationship with Elk and Venison from Colorado.  It’s not the corn/grain fed venison of my youth in Minnesota, which I always thought was beef.  My husband and son are both hunters, and last year we had TWO elk harvested within a week or so of each other.  My husband got a 4×5 bull – my son a 2yo cow elk.  The steaks from my son’s elk are pretty good all on their own.  Cows are generally less gamey – and the younger they are, the better they are.  Bulls are getting ready to hit the rut during archery season – so they taste….not so great.  Add hormones to a diet of bark, sage and dry grasses – it’s a recipe for gamey if ever there was one.

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