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Clean Your Blinds the Easy Way!!!

(First I must caution you I have never tried using this method on cellular blinds, only the plastic or wood louvered blinds.)

I hate the tedious wiping back and forth to clean blinds and sometimes that’s just not good enough to get all the crud off. If you’ve ever moved into a home or apartment that the blinds were so dirty you were sure critters were lurking in them try this simple method.

Blinds Collage.jpg

Fill the bathtub with some hot soapy water, use Dawn, Joy, or for wood I might use Murphy’s oil soap. Take a blind down and drop it gently in the tub one at a time. Let it soak while you take a rag and whip down the window area and around the top part that doesn’t come down. (Clean the window with Marge’s Magic Elixir from this blog while the blind is soaking.)

Next go back to the tub and with the same rag just slosh the rag over the louvers, swishing the blind back and forth a little too. Gather it up and stand it on end in the tub to shake off most of the water, then lay it on some bath towels and gently wipe most of the water off, just so it isn’t dripping. Then hang the blind back up, dropping it down all the way to dry.

Voila! A clean blind and window all at once.


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DIY Stone Trivet Project

I saw a magazine article in an old Martha Stewart magazine about teapot collections, and one was displayed on a stone trivet that I just fell in love with.  It was simple, effective and understated – perfect for everyday or entertaining.

DIY Stone Trivet Project

I decided that I could build one much easier than I could actually find one to buy, so after a trip to Michaels I was ready to start.  You can also get the supplies at the local WalMart – this isn’t a craft-store-trip dependent effort.

This project is also pretty kid-friendly, just supervise use of the hot glue gun.

DIY Stone Trivet Project


First you need your glue gun, good and hot, some craft felt.  This thin felt worked okay, but if you can find something a little sturdier it might work a tad better.  you could also use a board inside a frame if you wanted to get super fancy.

DIY Stone Trivet Project

I just started laying out the stones in the upper corner and gluing them down.  I didn’t want little soldier rows of stones, so I mixed them up and twisted them around to make it look more organic.  I was a little hesitant about using hot glue, I thought maybe it would soften and melt when I put a hot pan on the stones, but after many uses, the stones have held up great and the glue has not released at all.

I will say my very first attempt at this I used E6000 because it’s supposed to be heat resistant.  It soaked through the felt and made a hot mess, it’s expensive and totally unnecessary – use your trusty glue gun for this one.

The finished product is pretty handy – and I like that you can make these any size you like.  I think I’m going to make a set of coasters for my desk to put my coffee and water glass on.  You can also use flat bottomed glass beads of any color, or stones and felt of any color you like.  Make this match your kitchen and your style.

DIY Stone Trivet Project


I have one under the candle on my desk – for some reason the glass gets really hot, I think it’s because it’s almost “done.”  I hear there’s a way to upcycle your empty candles, that will have to be another project post!  I hope you give this one a try, post your projects and successes at our Facebook page –

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6 Great Ideas for Your Quart Size Mason Jars

6 Great Ideas for Quart Size Mason Jars

I love jars, I have a lot that arent even Mason Jars, just leftover Spaghetti Jars – and all will work great with these ideas.

Let me know your favorite jar uses in the comments, I’m always looking for new things!

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Who’s Afraid of the Big Bad Pineapple?

How to Clean a Fresh Pineapple

Me – well I used to be.

Spiky and intimidating, I was always under the impression that a fresh pineapple was more trouble than it was worth.  Canned pineapple was out, because for some reason it made my mouth itch…ick.

One day I had some fresh pineapple cut up from the grocery as an experiment.  I thought for sure I’d have issues with that also, but I didnt – and man was it good.  I learned something that day – an already cut up pineapple from the deli lasts ONE day…..and you just dont know when they cut it up.

How to Clean a Fresh Pineapple


So the next trip to the grocery, I stood in front of the fresh pineapple display and Continue Reading

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10 No-Sew T-Shirt Upcycle Projects


I love the idea of quick and easy tshirt projects.  I have a lot of tshirts, tshirts are cheap, and they’re easy to find anywhere, especially thrift stores.

Many of these projects literally take less than 1/2 hour and you’re creating a great accessory or compliment to your wardrobe.  Here are 10 of my favorites

  • The Sara Vest  or the 5-minute T-shirt vest from Wobisobi.  These are so cute, so easy, literally you need a tshirt and a pair of scissors.  This is a great compliment to another tshirt that needs a little something extra.  You can embellish with paint, sparklies, buttons, ribbons, bows, ruffles or anyting else your imgaination can come up with.

Image from Wobisobi
  • You never have enough bags – and this 10-minute no-sew recycled t-shirt bag from Leethal is awesome.  It’s a great way to use fun t shirts that dont fit anymore, or never did.  This are great for grocery bags, lunch bags or anything else you might need them for.

Image from
  • I have super short hair, but I love headbands.  I DON’T love that the store wants me to pay $14 to $20 for a fancier headband.  This tutorial from A Law Student’s Journey is great.  The braided t-shirt headband is a great way to up-cycle a ripped t shirt that just cant be a shirt anymore.

Image from Three Years Of Death

Frilly Tshirt Scarf
Image from The Pink Peony of Le Jardin
  • I love t-shirt flowers – I made some awhile back and loved them.  This tutorial is for t-shirt roses from and is also no-sew and made from t-shirt scraps.  This project does use hot glue – you can maybe use tacky glue and get the same results.

Image from Cathie Fillian
  • I’m not sure the intent for this t-shirt reconstruction by Wilma was to make a maternity shirt, but she totally made something that would be VERY cute when framing a cute little pregger belly.

Ribbon Tshirt Reconstruction No Sew
Image from
  • As much as I try to deny it, fringe is in.  This cute no-sew beach tote with awesome fringes is from Tiny Sparkly Things and uses a cute print t shirt to make a great beach-bag.  Dont live near the beach?  This one is also great for trip to the gym or farmer’s market.

Frilly Beach Tote
Image From Tiny Sparkly Things
  • Another headband – this one is wider, but still super cute and REALLY simple.  These headbands take about 2-minutes – no lie – and don’t require any sewing, but they do require heat tape or peel & stick tape.  I’m not sure with the use of tape if they’d be washable, read your labels.  You could also do the gather with a button and a piece of yarn, or one of the really cute t shirt roses I mentioned above.

2-minute no-sew headbands
Image from I Am Momma Hear Me Roar
  • Ladies, we all have those t shirts that just dont fit – they’re not fitted, really big, and make you look like you weigh about 15lbs more than you actually do.  This tutorial shows you how to turn a large, boxy t-shirt into a fitted tshirt without sewing a stitch.  I love this one because it doesn’t have really noticeable knots down the side.  The maker does note that it would take less time to sew this, but it’s a great option for those without machines and room to store them.

men's tshirt to fitted tshirt
Image from Connect The Dotsons
  • Let me begin this one by saying you should look at everything on’s website.  It’s amazing.  This conversion is no-sew no-cut.  You basically tie the shirt around you and make it into a long t-shirt or a mini-dress.  I think this would be impossible if you’re over a size 4, but it’s a cute idea for a teen or junior or someone really thin.  You also don’t ruin the t-shirt, so it might be a cute way to wear your boyfriend’s team shirt without looking like you’re wearing a garbage bag.  I think you might stretch out the neck, so if he wants the shirt back…you might want to wear the garbage bag to avoid an argument :).

Tshirt Wrap Dress
Image from
So there you go – 10 great ideas for upcycling your old, too big, too small, weird logo or thrift store t shirts.  Have some other favorites?  Share them in the comments below!
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Cast Iron Pan Care & Rescue

Cast Iron Care and Rescue Tips

For as long as I can remember my mom has had a cast iron pan on her stove.  It has produced amazing pancakes, pan-fried pork chops and all manner of casserole.  I love that pan.  I think it might still be the same pan from my childhood.

I currently have 3 cast iron pans, 2 frying pans and a griddle.  I love them.  I don’t care for them as crazy religiously as some cast-iron enthusiasts – I will NOT own a dish/pan/skillet that is not washed with soap.  Soap kills germs and gets things clean, I use soap, it doesn’t ruin my pans because I dry them the right way.

This is my favorite pan, isn’t she pretty?

Cast Iron Care and Rescue Tips

The first seasoning of a cast iron pan is the most important.  Most cast iron these days comes pre-seasoned.  Getting that patina on your pans is critical, and not everyone has the patience.  Not sure what you have?  An unseasoned pan is silver, a seasoned pan is black.  Here’s how to care for your already seasoned pan: Continue Reading