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Sometimes, you just don’t know how to categorize a blog post. I can’t create a category for a single post…I guess I could but it makes a mess out of your blog, so I just stick them here. It’s kinda like the junk drawer of the blog! Every kitchen has a junk drawer!

Everything Else

Finding your Happy Place

Yesterday our squad spent time together shooting clay – tons of fun and a gorgeous day.  This morning I sent the boys out the door and hunkered down on the couch for awhile to watch some food network.  I decided to hit the kitchen just as a text came in from Hubby – he and […]

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Taking Time to Eat Dinner

I’m a big proponent of family dinner – at the dinner table – every night.  We all lead extremely busy lives.  Between school, work, sports, boy scouts, pets and maintaining a home, sometimes putting a meal on the table seems impossible – but it doesn’t have to be.  In my opinion, the #1 tool to […]

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What’s your Favorite Pot & Pan Set?

I bought a long-coveted Cuisinart anodized aluminum set 5 months ago – and the finish is wiping off the outside – So my wonderful Amazon (mine, because they love me as much as I love them) is taking them back, no questions asked, for a full refund. This means every pot and pan I have […]

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Faux Fiestaware Dinnerware!

I love Fiestaware Dinnerware but I just couldn’t justify buying a set or two when the dishes I already had were perfectly good. I was just tired of them. Then one day at one of my favorite thrift stores, namely Goodwill, it hit me. I’ll make up my own set. I started looking for dishes […]