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Faux Fiestaware Dinnerware!

I love Fiestaware Dinner000_0034ware but I just couldn’t justify buying a set or two when the dishes I already had were perfectly good. I was just tired of them. Then one day at one of my favorite thrift stores, namely Goodwill, it hit me. I’ll make up my own set.

I started looking for dishes when they were having one of their ½ price sale days and just kept hunting until I had a service for about 10. I even managed to find lunch plates. Then one day at

Wal-Mart I found some bowls for $2 each and Voila! I had a set of Faux Fiesta. I don’t think I have invested more than $20 or $25 in the entire set.

I have used this set of dishes to entertain and our guests commented on how much they liked Fiesta Dinnerware. They just assumed they were the original thing. No way was I going to tell them any different.


Here are some pictures of my set. I hope this will inspire you to recycle, reuse and still look classy.


Marge taught LooksLikeHomemade founder, Carrie how to cook while standing on a chair in the kitchen and cracking eggs and stirring batter. She also taught her how to shop on a budget, repurpose things into new things, and what little "craftiness" Carrie has, mom is responsible.

Now she's contributing to LooksLikeHomemade, because Carrie taught Mom how to blog. Looks like things are coming full circle!


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