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Faux Fiestaware Dinnerware!

I love Fiestaware Dinner000_0034ware but I just couldn’t justify buying a set or two when the dishes I already had were perfectly good. I was just tired of them. Then one day at one of my favorite thrift stores, namely Goodwill, it hit me. I’ll make up my own set.

I started looking for dishes when they were having one of their ½ price sale days and just kept hunting until I had a service for about 10. I even managed to find lunch plates. Then one day at

Wal-Mart I found some bowls for $2 each and Voila! I had a set of Faux Fiesta. I don’t think I have invested more than $20 or $25 in the entire set.

I have used this set of dishes to entertain and our guests commented on how much they liked Fiesta Dinnerware. They just assumed they were the original thing. No way was I going to tell them any different.


Here are some pictures of my set. I hope this will inspire you to recycle, reuse and still look classy.

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