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30-Day Challenge – Day 9 Update

30-Day Challenges

30-Day Challenges

We’re on day 9 of my 30-day challenge.  I’m pretty close to on track with my Couch to 5-k – I’m 1 day behind due to some baseball/softball game craziness with the kids.  Sometimes I almost feel like it’s moving TOO slowly.

My modus operandi in the past has been to work TOO hard for a few days and hurt myself, so I’ll stick with the plan. I’ve been on 2 days of rest for the week, back to the workout tonight – I’m really enjoying it so far – and can do all of the jogging parts without stopping.  That was a huge ego boost.

This is what the next week brings for my workout:

Week 2 Workout - Couch to 5k

There are 10 weeks in the program, and it’s not that difficult to follow – there really Isn’t any excuse for why I haven’t done it before – but I will say I do enjoy doing this on my treadmill instead of running outside – I’m way too self conscious for that right now, maybe the last few weeks we can make that a goal.  Also, my neighborhood has hills, hills are evil.

I would say the hardest part of the workout is finding the motivation to do it and stick with it.  I’m feeling good about where I’m going and Im kinda looking forward to actually wearing out a pair of sneakers so I can buy a new pair.  I’m also looking forward to shedding a few pounds and resurrecting some forgotten wardrobe items.

I have also not bitten a nail in the last 9-days.  They dont look great, they’re breaking A LOT, but the breakage is not from Growing Nails The Hard Waymy gnawing on them, so that’s good.  I actually have a natural nail that extends past the end of my finger now…that has NEVER EVER happened before.  Not in 37~ish years.

I’m putting a coat of Essie Grow Stronger on them today and then they all have a little growth I’m treating myself to a Manicure.  Very excited for that.  I’ve had acrylic nails put on and maintained, but never a manicure on my natural nails.  I’m pretty sure I wont put color on them, way to tempting to pick at them when they have color, but some healthy cuticles and nail beds is still exciting for someone who has never had them.  A nice by-product has been no hang nails, even in this horribly dry weather.  Win Win!

So that’s the update for the week, hopefully things keep moving at the same pace and in 30 days I have beautiful nails and am on my way to a much healthier lifestyle.


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30 Day Challenge – Change is good!

We’re going to deviate from the norm here for this post.  I’m not going to talk about making a bag or some new recipe I found.  I’m going to talk about me, bear with me – I don’t write about myself often, but I think this post might be a good one to share.

I watched a TED talk with Matt Cutts from Google about 30-day challenges and stepping outside your comfort zone.  It was amazing…and I was inspired.

So I decided to figure out what I could do to change my life in 30 days.  It takes about 30 days to build or change a habit, so the experts say, and I have 2 habits that drive me crazy and need to be changed

One – I’m pretty lazy.  I get things done, dont get me wrong, but when it comes to getting my butt off the couch for a walk or some exercise…I can come up with an excuse faster than a big league pitcher can get the ball across the plate.  That needs to change.  So what am I going to do about it?  I started the Couch to 5k plan 4 days ago.  So far so good. It’s a pretty gradual plan, which is what I need – because I can’t sugar coat it, I’m in TERRIBLE shape.  I have a feeling a whole host of things are going to improve for me once I feel better about myself and my fitness.  Now to stay motivated for the next 26 days.

Along with building my stamina and fitness, I need to make some eating changes.  Workong on those slowly.  Summer is easier because of the abundanceof fruit and veggies.  Looking forward to some vegetairan or low-meat dinners and cutting down on fast food.  To be honest, I probably need to do a 30-day challenge to wean myself off fast food and diet coke….diet coke is probably one of my biggest weaknesses.

Two – I bite my nails.  Its nasty, it hurts, but I just couldn’t seem to stop.  I haven’t bitten a nail in 9 days.  I’d post a pic, but after 35+ years of biting, it’s going to take quite awhile for them to look decent.  They’re very thin and brittle and even though I’m not biting them, they break really easily.

So I’ll be periodically chronicling the changes I make and how it’s going.  hopefully I’ve built a few great habits by the end of the 30 days and gotten rid of a few terrible ones.