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Sometimes, you just don’t know how to categorize a blog post. I can’t create a category for a single post…I guess I could but it makes a mess out of your blog, so I just stick them here. It’s kinda like the junk drawer of the blog! Every kitchen has a junk drawer!

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This is your life……..

The Holstee Manifesto is speaking to me today – so I thought I’d share it with you. ¬†Love it, share it, Pin it, Like it…..spread the word – you control your life, you make the choices and decisions – don’t let anyone take that power away from you!

Click the image for a larger version.


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Just Breathe…….

Nope, nothing homemade, tasty or kitchen related in this post – just a confession……

I Love Eddie Vedder.

From this:


To This:

And every minute in between ūüôā

There’s no 12 step program, no cure – I feed my obsession by listening to hours and hours of Eddie on Spotify or pinning a zillion pics of him on Pinterest.

I keep hoping he’ll come sing in Denver…but it hasnt happened in awhile…..I’m hoping to see him live in the next few years.

Who’s your favorite artist?

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Mr. Coffee Single Serve Coffee Maker Review

Mr coffee single serve coffee maker review

Mr coffee single serve coffee maker review

Mr. Coffee Single Serve Brewer Reviews – Inexpensive K-Cup Machine


This is my Mr. Coffee Single Serve Coffee Maker Review that works with K-Cups. This is an entry-level K-Cup Brewer.

My experiences with the Mr. Coffee single serve coffee maker & the Mr. Coffee customer service team.
It’s important to note that the reviews on other sites are pretty much spot on. We didn’t pay much attention as we were looking for something cheap to get us some insight into the K-Cup craze. We love the single serve K-Cup idea, the problem is that coffee maker quit making full cups of coffee after about 3 weeks of use. After searching online we descaled the machine, tried ‘burping’ it and other “home remedies” all for naught, we’re still not getting a full cup of coffee. We were quite pleased that a simple contact to Mr. Coffee through Facebook resulted in a new machine being shipped within a week. We received our new machine this week and it’s working perfectly. We’ll see if that continues for more than a few weeks. In all, if you’ve already used a K-Cup system and really liked it, and want a machine for heavy use and the long haul, this machine falls short, we recommend you spend a bit more on a higher-grade single cup brewer.
Mr. Coffee Single Serve Coffee Maker
Date published: 01/17/2013
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The Food Rules

I have rules about my food.  Some say these rules border on OCD, I’d probably agree.  My rules dont make me picky, I eat pretty much anything, my rules make me particular about how food is combined and served.

My kids think I’m nuts, and my husband purposely breaks these rules on his own plate to make me gag at the dinner table.  It’s their hobby, I think.  Who am I to deny them, it doesn’t interrupt my appetite, I could eat and watch the surgery channel and not think twice.

What are your food rules?  Here are mine…..

  • Fruit does not go with meat, ever.  Pineapple does not go with chicken, cranberry sauce does not go on turkey, and NO fruit sauce on the planet goes on my steak.
  • Foods that aren’t meant to touch – should not touch.  Buffets and Potlucks are really difficult for me.  I’ve ben known to put one food at a time on my plate to eat it.  Gravy can touch potatoes, and sometimes meat.  Gravy cannot touch corn or peas.  Spaghetti cannot touch salad, ever, and salad dressing ONLY goes on salad – not leaked all over my plate touching my other food.  I seriously want a set of these for next Christmas – I’m not lying – Ceramic Lunch Trays.
  • Condiments such as ketchup get their own bowl in case they encroach on my non-ketchup-worthy foods – no veggies in my ketchup.
  • Nuts do not go in savory dishes.  Cashew Chicken?  Spinach salad with almonds?  Waldorf salad with walnuts?  Wrong, wrong, and wrong……nuts are for snacks or dessert.
  • Fruit does not go with chocolate.  Raspberry chocolate cake?  Orange hot chocolate?  gross…..

Those are my big ones, although there are probably others that my daughter will chime in with when she reads this.


  • Maple flavored ANYTHING is disgusting.
  • Pudding is gross, unless its frozen
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Another Challenge – Bring It On!

30-Day Challenges

30-Day ChallengesI am really enjoying my¬†30-day challenges¬†. The truth is, 30 days is a LONG time! ¬†I’m on day 21 of my couch to 5k challenge (that one is more like a 70-day challenge) and feel pretty good. ¬†Have been super busy so tweaking the days around and I need to double up on a workout today, but other than that – doing great.

Maddie and I have been talking about how we eat, nutrition, and exercise lately. ¬†She’s in great shape and has some good definition in her muscles and a GREAT water drinking habit. ¬†Good girl! ¬†We’ve talked about changing the way we eat to be more healthy. ¬†I think now is a great time for her because she’ll be setting life long habits, and I’ll be breaking life long habits.

We decided to try out the “Skinny Rules” for 30 days. ¬†We’re on a “test run” this week until she leaves for Grandmas on Sunday. ¬†It’s hard to do those things when you’re not at home and dont have a support system.

Are you familiar with the rules? ¬†Technically we should buy the book- but the rules are outlined and have been running around Pinterest for awhile. ¬†They’re part of the rules Bob Harper gives his Biggest Loser contestants. ¬†I’m not sure we can be 100% diligent 100% of the time, but we’re going to do our best.

Here are the rules in a nutshell:

30-Day Challenge - The Skinny Rules

  1. Drink a large glass of water before every meal – no excuses
  2. Don’t Drink Calories
  3. Eat protein in ever meal
  4. Slash your intake of refined flours and grains
  5. 30-50 grams of fiber every day
  6. Eat apples and berries every single day
  7. No carbs after lunch
  8. Learn to read food labels
  9. Stop guessing about portion size
  10. No more added sweeteners or artificial sweeteners
  11. No White Potatoes
  12. Make one day a week meatless
  13. Get rid of fast foods and fried foods
  14. Eat a real breakfast
  15. Make your own food at home at least 10 meals a week
  16. Banish high-salt foods
  17. Eat your veggies
  18. Go to bed hungry
  19. Sleep right
  20. Plan one Splurge meal a week
I think the “no carbs after lunch” and “no refined flours or grains” might be the hardest for me. ¬†Maddie will probably struggle with the eat breakfast one. ¬†We’re making a plan for good snacks and such so we don’t sabotage ourselves when we’re hungry.

So we’ll see how we do, I’ll likely be sharing my progress on my personal Facebook profile, if we’re friend

Why does Kirsten Dunst look naked in this photo?