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I use a lot of products, and I try a lot of products. This section is dedicated to my reviews of things that worked well, sort of worked, and didn’t work at all. From cookbooks to coffee makers and apple peelers, my recommended products and not-so recommended products will be showcased here. Feel free to share your experiences in the comments on each post – I’m always excited to hear about new tools, gadgets and books that might pique my interest.

Set it on the desk and load on your computer/monitor and keyboard

VariDesk Reviews – Sit to Stand Desk System

Recent issues with my back and a desire to get more exercise in has prompted me to try out a standing desk setup. ┬áMy first few days were at a makeshift standing desk that was less than ideal and VERY hard on my wrists.…

May 6, 2014
A Review of Jamie's America Cookbook by Jamie Oliver
Recipes Reviews

Cookbook Review: Jamie’s America

I really enjoyed this cookbook. It has great recipes, with easy to find ingredients - as well as stunning photography and storytelling. I highly recommend it to novice and advanced home cooks alike.…

February 13, 2013