Mr coffee single serve coffee maker review
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Mr. Coffee Single Serve Coffee Maker Review

Mr coffee single serve coffee maker review

Mr. Coffee Single Serve Brewer Reviews – Inexpensive K-Cup Machine


This is my Mr. Coffee Single Serve Coffee Maker Review that works with K-Cups. This is an entry-level K-Cup Brewer.

My experiences with the Mr. Coffee single serve coffee maker & the Mr. Coffee customer service team.
It’s important to note that the reviews on other sites are pretty much spot on. We didn’t pay much attention as we were looking for something cheap to get us some insight into the K-Cup craze. We love the single serve K-Cup idea, the problem is that coffee maker quit making full cups of coffee after about 3 weeks of use. After searching online we descaled the machine, tried ‘burping’ it and other “home remedies” all for naught, we’re still not getting a full cup of coffee. We were quite pleased that a simple contact to Mr. Coffee through Facebook resulted in a new machine being shipped within a week. We received our new machine this week and it’s working perfectly. We’ll see if that continues for more than a few weeks. In all, if you’ve already used a K-Cup system and really liked it, and want a machine for heavy use and the long haul, this machine falls short, we recommend you spend a bit more on a higher-grade single cup brewer.
Mr. Coffee Single Serve Coffee Maker
Date published: 01/17/2013

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