Clean Your Blinds the Easy Way!!!

(First I must caution you I have never tried using this method on cellular blinds, only the plastic or wood louvered blinds.)

I hate the tedious wiping back and forth to clean blinds and sometimes that’s just not good enough to get all the crud off. If you’ve ever moved into a home or apartment that the blinds were so dirty you were sure critters were lurking in them try this simple method.

Blinds Collage.jpg

Fill the bathtub with some hot soapy water, use Dawn, Joy, or for wood I might use Murphy’s oil soap. Take a blind down and drop it gently in the tub one at a time. Let it soak while you take a rag and whip down the window area and around the top part that doesn’t come down. (Clean the window with Marge’s Magic Elixir from this blog while the blind is soaking.)

Next go back to the tub and with the same rag just slosh the rag over the louvers, swishing the blind back and forth a little too. Gather it up and stand it on end in the tub to shake off most of the water, then lay it on some bath towels and gently wipe most of the water off, just so it isn’t dripping. Then hang the blind back up, dropping it down all the way to dry.

Voila! A clean blind and window all at once.