The Food Rules

I have rules about my food.  Some say these rules border on OCD, I’d probably agree.  My rules dont make me picky, I eat pretty much anything, my rules make me particular about how food is combined and served.

My kids think I’m nuts, and my husband purposely breaks these rules on his own plate to make me gag at the dinner table.  It’s their hobby, I think.  Who am I to deny them, it doesn’t interrupt my appetite, I could eat and watch the surgery channel and not think twice.

What are your food rules?  Here are mine…..

  • Fruit does not go with meat, ever.  Pineapple does not go with chicken, cranberry sauce does not go on turkey, and NO fruit sauce on the planet goes on my steak.
  • Foods that aren’t meant to touch – should not touch.  Buffets and Potlucks are really difficult for me.  I’ve ben known to put one food at a time on my plate to eat it.  Gravy can touch potatoes, and sometimes meat.  Gravy cannot touch corn or peas.  Spaghetti cannot touch salad, ever, and salad dressing ONLY goes on salad – not leaked all over my plate touching my other food.  I seriously want a set of these for next Christmas – I’m not lying – Ceramic Lunch Trays.
  • Condiments such as ketchup get their own bowl in case they encroach on my non-ketchup-worthy foods – no veggies in my ketchup.
  • Nuts do not go in savory dishes.  Cashew Chicken?  Spinach salad with almonds?  Waldorf salad with walnuts?  Wrong, wrong, and wrong……nuts are for snacks or dessert.
  • Fruit does not go with chocolate.  Raspberry chocolate cake?  Orange hot chocolate?  gross…..

Those are my big ones, although there are probably others that my daughter will chime in with when she reads this.


  • Maple flavored ANYTHING is disgusting.
  • Pudding is gross, unless its frozen