What’s For Dinner, Week of February 5, 2017

Still trying to be productive and get my weekly menus out on time.  This week I have a ton to do, but I also want to put something healthful on the table because I’m trying to cut my portions and snacking…..I’m a terrible snacker…..so filling with leftovers for lunch the next day is the plan for the week.

I use the “Save” function on Facebook a lot, and this week I have 2 Facebook recipes in rotation – new things I’ve not tried before – but look great.

What are you guys having?

Sunday Feb 5, 2017 – Appetizers for Super Bowl.  Hubby & the Boy want Wings and Nachos, so that’s what they’ll have.  I’m going to probably shred some wing meat on a chopped salad.  Yum.

Monday Feb 6, 2017No Peek Chicken is a Facebook recipe I found from 77Seasyrecipes.com that looks fast and tasty.  I’ll serve with a big salad as well.

Tuesday Feb 7, 2017 – Zuppa Toscana – or my version anyway.  I call mine Sausage & Potato Soup with Kale.  I’ll serve this with a loaf of crusty bread and a big salad.  Filling and easy to make.

Wednesday Feb 8, 2017Baked Chicken Tacos from TheCookieRookie.com.  Found this recipe on Facebook too.  Theirs is spicy – I wont make mine spicy because Hubby’s not a fan, but I’ll follow the rest of it pretty closely.  I always bake my taco shells when we have tacos, but never thought to bake them with STUFF IN THEM….  Mind. Blown. 🙂

Thursday Feb 9, 2017 – Big chopped salad tonight – probably will have some leftover chicken breast, boiled eggs, cheese, croutons, plus every veggie I can think of.  I also like to add black olives and pepperoncini to mine.  I don’t usually put dressing on, because everyone likes something different – but it will be tasty.  Might make some garlic toasts out of any leftover crusty bread from Tuesday.

Friday Feb 10, 2017 – Breakfast for Dinner.  We do this once a week or so, because it’s easy and we rarely eat breakfast together on weekend mornings – so we have it together on weekend nights.  We’ll do Pancakes & Country-Style Elk Sausage.  I will probably make a wild blueberry sauce to go on the pancakes because I HATE MAPLE SYRUP.  Yep, true story.

Saturday Feb 11, 2017 – Aerik has a big Boyscouts thing at Sylvan Lake in Eagle, so I’m thinking we’ll be ordering Pizza tonight.