Planning our Summer Wanderings

It’s a gorgeous spring day here in Colorado, even though it’s the first week in February. This winter has been almost disturbingly mild, not much snow at all here, while the mountains and other areas are seeing record amounts of snow.

Because the weather is pleasant, I’m dreaming of summer getaways, camping trips, etc to get out and see some more of this beautiful country.  We’re talking about taking a driving trip up through Yellowstone, to Kalispel/Glacier, over to Sandpoint/Coeur d’Alene and down through Boise and Pocatello then back home.

I used a handy site called Roadtripper to plan out a possible route.  It not only lets you place the towns you’ll stop on the map, it shows points of interest, camping, lodging, food, etc along the way.

Montana/Idaho Road Trip on Roadtrippers

The program will even calculate your fuel costs based on your vehicle MPG which is pretty handy.  I want to take our camper and camp along the way, which cuts into the MPG – knowing what our fuel costs would be goes a long way in convincing Hubby that’s a viable option.

Along with this trip, I’d like to camp for my birthday, hopefully somewhere fun.  Maybe Black Canyon of the Gunnison or the Grand Lake area.  I’d also like to hit up the Moab Car Show in April, although that’s just a day trip for us.  Todd and Aerik are going on a Boundary Waters canoe trip with Boyscouts in August, so our summer is pretty full, even though we’ve not even gotten to SPRING yet!

What are your wandering and wanderlust plans this summer?