Using Facebook’s “Save” Function – A Recipe Seeker’s “Must Have”

 I’ve been using the “Save” function on Facebook a lot – its easy to do and then you have a list of things that looked interesting but maybe you weren’t at home (ie – on a mobile in the bathroom) or didn’t have time to look at that moment.

We’ve all tried to go back and find that thing you saw 2 or 3 days ago – its impossible, and frustrating….but with the “Save” function it’s a click away.  Save it for later so you can read it in depth, save it so you can pull it up while you’re grocery shopping, save it to share with Mom later.  

Here’s how you use the save function:

Click the drop-down arrow at the top right of the post you want to save:

To find the recipe again, click on “Saved” in the right sidebar of your page:

This is how they look.  If you make it but don’t want to delete the save, archive it – it keeps your “All” list short and you don’t have to scroll forever!