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You’re looking for quick and easy projects to give as gifts or spruce up the house – and I have some solutions for you. I hate fussy craft projects that take a ton of time and have too many steps. These are guaranteed to be quick and painless, but look like you bought them at the craft store or from a professional artisan.

Check out my posts here, let me know what you think, and I’m always looking for great ideas to feature on the blog. If you have one, email it to me at!

25 Days of Christmas Gift Crafts, Crafts & Projects

Day 16 – Mason Jar Prism Light

Oh gosh – I think of all 16 ideas so far – this Mason Jar Candle Light from might be my favorite!  So cute – and the light that comes through the glass beads is so warm and inviting.  I love the whole dang thing!

E6000 glue is great stuff and will withstand the warmth from the candle inside the jar.  If you want to go candle-free – a battery operated led tea light would work wonderfully.  I think a couple of these on the sill next to my jacuzzi tub are just what the decorator ordered!



25 Days of Christmas Gift Crafts, Crafts & Projects

Day 15 Ombre Yarn Wrapped Initial

Am I a bad mom because my kids don’t have their “letter” on their door? With all of these easy crafts it seems like this should be a no-brainer – but I still haven’t done one, and one of my angels leaves for college in less than a year.  Ombre is super trendy – and combining the initial with the ombre design is just adorable.

If you cant find a wood letter – you can cut one out of thick cardboard and easily and use that.  Decorate with flowers like they did in this tutorial at – or use feathers, toy cars, buttons, toy airplanes or any small items that are near and dear to the occupant’s heart.


25 Days of Christmas Gift Crafts, Crafts & Projects

Day 14 – 3 Ingredient Body Butter

Have you ever read the ingredients on a jar of lotion? Gross.

This quick craft allows you to gift a jar of luxurious body butter to friends and family – but customized with essential oils they love best.  Peppermint? Eucalyptus? Lavender? Lemon?  All possible – and if you want – divide the batch and do all 4!

I’ve looked at a lot of different DIY body butters and lotions – but this quick one from Hens and Honeyis definitely the easiest!


25 Days of Christmas Gift Crafts, Crafts & Projects

Day 13 – Teacup Candles

This is such a cute idea – and the local thrifty is full of teacups and saucers that are perfect for this craft.  While the directions call for new wicking – I would just use the wick and wick sustainer comes with a plain candle I melted down myself.  I have a mind to do this with an unscented white candle I have and some eucalyptus oil.  What a great scent for when someone has a cold!  Check out the tutorial over at


25 Days of Christmas Gift Crafts, Crafts & Projects

Day 12: Trendy Bleach Spray Design Tshirt

Adorable right? and so dang simple!  I bleach things I don’t mean to bleach all the time – but what about bleaching a colored t-shirt ON PURPOSE?  Genius.

Check out the tutorial over at – super simple to try!  The hardest part is to follow the washing directions post-bleach!  Read the WHOLE post!

What do you think? Fun stuff, huh?


25 Days of Christmas Gift Crafts, Crafts & Projects

Day 11: DIY Rope Bowls

I absolutely LOVE the rope bowls and baskets you see in the pricey decor magazines and stores.  Want a rope bowl for keys or fruit WITHOUT the Pottery Barn price tag?   Here’s a 10 minute or less DIY – this is pretty amazing!

I found this tutorial over at – step by step directions – using different types of rope or cording!  A great gift this holiday season.  Fill your bowl up with favorite cookies – I recommend Amish Cookies, or these Poochtacular Pup Pastries – depending upon the friend or family member you’re gifting to!