Weekly Menu - 6/15 to 6/21
Menu Planning

Weekly Menu 6/23 – 6/30

Weekly Menu - 6/15 to 6/21

Hi Everyone!

Last week’s menu went okay – it was a struggle – lots of baseball & softball things got in the way.  This week isnt a lot better, but I think we can still do it.

I’m going to try my crock pot a bit more this week.  I didnt get to make what i had planned for it last week, so will move that forward.  I’ve also been reading up on $50 a week menus.  This intriugues me, and it’s a bit of a challenge.  Maybe I’ll make it a 30 day challenge?  My one concern is these menus seem to be starch heavy because starch is cheap.  I’m trying to cut back on starch – so maybe my challenge will be a $50 a week healthful menu.

I’m actually alone Friday and Saturday night – everyone is at an archery shoot.  I think I’m still going to cook though and maybe freeze the leftovers.

Here’s my plan for this week:

Saturday 6/23 – Low Fat Mexican Fiesta Chicken– This Crockin’ Girls recipe looks good.  It says serve w/ Minute Rice or barley.  Barley or Quinoa sounds good – brown rice too.

Sunday 6/24 – Grilled Pork Chops & Grilled Zucchini

Monday 6/25 – Stuffed Shells – I think the idea of a meatless Monday sounds good.  I’ll put these together and heat on the grill to keep the oven off!

Tuesday 6/26 – Grilled Chicken, Corn on Cob, Pasta Salad

Wednesday 6/27 – PB&J’s, Pasta Salad, Fruit – Maddie has a double header tonight and I’ll pack us a picnic

Thursday 6/28 – Crockpot Bacon Ranch Chicken – Didnt get this one done last week so will try this week.

Friday 6/29 –  Beef Fajitas with Cilantro lime brown rice

Saturday 6/30 – Frozen Leftover U-Pick (I’ll freeze meals from leftovers and then everyone can pick what they want.)



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