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A Big Ole List of Camping Hacks

We bought a new camper this summer.  This is big for me. We’ve had a small popup that has served as hunting base for about 8 years – but it was frightfully small – and has no bathroom.  That means Carrie had to go in the woods….no likey.BIG OLE LIST OF

But we live in Colorado – in the mountains.  Sitting in our home every weekend seems like we’re wasting or taking things for granted…after all – Colorado is extremely gorgeous!
So our new camper is NOT a popup – and it DOES have a bathroom – a real one with a shower…… oh happy days!  Since Maddie was headed to college this fall – I suspect Todd has been trying to tempt me into a love of the woods and fly fishing.  I’m in love with fly fishing already – I thought the woods would be a harder sell. Continue Reading

Outside Projects

Landscaping Project

I am a reluctant landscaper.  I LOVE how it looks when things are all done, but the getting ready and DOING the project take so long, I’m more likely to procrastinate than anything else.

It was time for a backyard transformation though. We had looked at the ugly long enough.  Here’s how it looked in the end:

But it took us awhile to get there………

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