Foaming Hand Soap Dispenser – 5 Minute DIY

foaming handwash dispenser DIY.jpgI love the foaming hand soap and refill.  I’m not sure why – but foam makes me feel cleaner, and I feel like we use a lot less SOAP this way.  What I don’t like are the ugly bottles.  If you use regular liquid soap, you can buy pretty containers that go with your bathroom decor, or fun ones that go in the kitchen.  NONE of these exist for the foam.  I’ve seen DIY dispensers on Pinterest for regular liquid hand soap, so I decided to try one for foaming hand soap using a mason jar.  Bonus?  You can put it in the dishwasher if it gets funky.

It was pretty dang easy.  You need the following:

  • A mason jar that you like, or have decorated to match your kitchen.  Small or wide mouth works fine
  • A hammer
  • A foaming handsoap top/nozzle from a container you no longer want to use
  • pliers
  • Screwdriver or chisel
  1. Look at the width your hole needs to be – measure the diameter of the nozzle and draw a cross or a circle that fits right.  My mason jar lid had a circle inside it, and it was PERFECTLY sized for this project.  Not all lids have that – My estimate – about 1/14″ diameter.
  2. With my chisel (you could use a screwdriver) and the hammer I put a cross in the top of a small mouth mason jar lid
  3. I then started peeling the metal back until I had a hole just large enough for the nozzle from the top of a store-bought foaming dispenser to fit through.  I checked it for size to be sure then pulled the nozzle back out.
  4. I then turned the lid over and pounded down all of the metal that was poking up to make it flat, and fairly safe.
  5. I trimmed the feeding tube at the bottom because it was a bit long, and screwed it on top of a pretty jelly jar.  Voila!  You could paint or decoupage your mason jar to make it match your decor as well.

Be careful  when you peel back the metal it becomes REALLY sharp!  Use pliers!