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There’s still time, procrastinators! These Christmas Craft Ideas are cute, easy – and some of you might even have the parts and pieces laying around! Check back daily through christmas for new ideas!

25 Days of Christmas Gift Crafts, Crafts & Projects

Day 16 – Mason Jar Prism Light

Oh gosh – I think of all 16 ideas so far – this Mason Jar Candle Light from might be my favorite!  So cute – and the light that comes through the glass beads is so warm and inviting.  I love the whole dang thing!

E6000 glue is great stuff and will withstand the warmth from the candle inside the jar.  If you want to go candle-free – a battery operated led tea light would work wonderfully.  I think a couple of these on the sill next to my jacuzzi tub are just what the decorator ordered!



25 Days of Christmas Gift Crafts, Crafts & Projects

Day 15 Ombre Yarn Wrapped Initial

Am I a bad mom because my kids don’t have their “letter” on their door? With all of these easy crafts it seems like this should be a no-brainer – but I still haven’t done one, and one of my angels leaves for college in less than a year.  Ombre is super trendy – and combining the initial with the ombre design is just adorable.

If you cant find a wood letter – you can cut one out of thick cardboard and easily and use that.  Decorate with flowers like they did in this tutorial at – or use feathers, toy cars, buttons, toy airplanes or any small items that are near and dear to the occupant’s heart.


25 Days of Christmas Gift Crafts, Crafts & Projects

Day 14 – 3 Ingredient Body Butter

Have you ever read the ingredients on a jar of lotion? Gross.

This quick craft allows you to gift a jar of luxurious body butter to friends and family – but customized with essential oils they love best.  Peppermint? Eucalyptus? Lavender? Lemon?  All possible – and if you want – divide the batch and do all 4!

I’ve looked at a lot of different DIY body butters and lotions – but this quick one from Hens and Honeyis definitely the easiest!


25 Days of Christmas Gift Crafts, Crafts & Projects

Day 13 – Teacup Candles

This is such a cute idea – and the local thrifty is full of teacups and saucers that are perfect for this craft.  While the directions call for new wicking – I would just use the wick and wick sustainer comes with a plain candle I melted down myself.  I have a mind to do this with an unscented white candle I have and some eucalyptus oil.  What a great scent for when someone has a cold!  Check out the tutorial over at


25 Days of Christmas Gift Crafts, Crafts & Projects

Day 12: Trendy Bleach Spray Design Tshirt

Adorable right? and so dang simple!  I bleach things I don’t mean to bleach all the time – but what about bleaching a colored t-shirt ON PURPOSE?  Genius.

Check out the tutorial over at – super simple to try!  The hardest part is to follow the washing directions post-bleach!  Read the WHOLE post!

What do you think? Fun stuff, huh?


25 Days of Christmas Gift Crafts, Crafts & Projects

Day 11: DIY Rope Bowls

I absolutely LOVE the rope bowls and baskets you see in the pricey decor magazines and stores.  Want a rope bowl for keys or fruit WITHOUT the Pottery Barn price tag?   Here’s a 10 minute or less DIY – this is pretty amazing!

I found this tutorial over at – step by step directions – using different types of rope or cording!  A great gift this holiday season.  Fill your bowl up with favorite cookies – I recommend Amish Cookies, or these Poochtacular Pup Pastries – depending upon the friend or family member you’re gifting to!