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There’s still time, procrastinators! These Christmas Craft Ideas are cute, easy – and some of you might even have the parts and pieces laying around! Check back daily through christmas for new ideas!

25 Days of Christmas Gift Crafts, Crafts & Projects

Day 4: Words of Love Picture Frame

frame gift2This one could be used for any occasion, but I thought the concept would be really cute for the grandkids to do for Grandma and/or Grandpa.  Words like Love, Fun, Reading, Books, Stories, Cookies and more can describe their favorite moments with a loved one.

You could also duplicate this craft for a wedding gift.  Find phrases or words that signify love either in books or in a bible, cut them out (is that against bible rules or something?) and create a pretty display and frame it!

Don’t use new books, recycle magazine, thrift store finds or something similar.  Use an old frame and decoupage a pretty new pattern or paint it to match your matte.  There are a variety of shaped punches in scrapbooking stores, aisles at big box stores or on websites like Amazon.  Find one that fits – a heart, christmas tree, sand dollar or something similar and go to town!

Here’s a guide at – but you could use any frame, and base word, any color you wanted.  Make this a Christmas Keepsake or a year round display item!



25 Days of Christmas Gift Crafts, Crafts & Projects

Day 3: 52 Things I Love About You

52 thingsThis gift is great for guys – those hard to shop for, not into sappy verbal exchanges kind of guys.  I made one of these for my hubby for Valentines Day this year and, while I wont say he LOVED it – he thought it was cute.  (side note – my hubby NEVER gets excited about gifts, I surpass his excitement level before he even gets things opened.)

There are a variety of ways to do this – Peppermint Creative has a cute tutorial – I printed out blank boxes and hand wrote my “things” on some cards, and printed some cards as well.  Cut them out and glue them on.  I punched one hole in the upper corner and used ribbon to tie them together – supremely easy and didnt require that I go find special items at the craft store.


25 Days of Christmas Gift Crafts, Crafts & Projects

Day 2: Candy Christmas Sleighs

I LOVE this idea.  I’ve had this pinned for months and have been waiting patiently for Christmas so I could put them together and gift to friends and family!

I found this on Pinterest – and it’s from the blog at Ellyn’s Place!  Such a clever idea and so simple to put together – a little bit of ribbon, a bow and a hot glue gun and you’re done!  These would make great stocking stuffers or Santa gifts – and the best part is – you can customize to the tastes and favorites of your target gift recipient!

I’d love to see your pics – please share them with us on Facebook!


25 Days of Christmas Gift Crafts, Crafts & Projects

25 Days of Christmas Gifts – DIY Celtic Knot Cord Trivet – Day 1

I don’t post nearly enough craft posts.  Probably because I’m not incredibly “crafty” myself – but I do have good intentions.  I decided I’d source 25 easy and fast crafty gift ideas for the holiday season – one each day until christmas!

I’m not necessarily going to get all of these done myself – if I do – I will certainly post pics and pros and cons on my projects – but really this is about sourcing and providing tips to all of you!

Here goes – Day 1 of 25 Days of Christmas Crafts and Gifts!

I love this Celtic Knot Cord Trivet from Inspiration & Realisation.  Such a cute idea and it’s supremely inexpensive – all you need to buy is one 50′ bundle of corded clothes line (not the vinyl coated kind -the fabric cord kind).  You could very likely use craft cord in various colors, or even para-cord.  Using clothes line is an inexpensive way to go for a quick craft.

They also have a tutorial for coasters to match.  These would look so pretty on your table with or without linens!