Turquoise and Leather Bracelet

So i saw this bracelet on Pinterest that I loved – and thought – hey I bet I can make that….so I gave it a whirl.

Bracelet on Pinterest & Obaz

Mine is not identical – but it uses the same thought process.  I kinda like mine better – I used better beads and its really comfortable to wear.

I will say the suede-like straps I used are not the best choice.  I think they’re not sturdy enough.  I think I might try this again with a better leather cording and see what happens.


  • Beads – I used flat turquoise disks I bought at our local bead store.
  • A clasp of some sort, I used a button and loop, you could use something else if you like
  • Heavy duty thread and a needle.  Your thread and needle depend upon the diameter of the hole in your bead, don’t fight with it. I ended up using regular thread and looping each bead a few times because the holes in my bead were very tiny.


  1. Start by folding your cording in half, the loop end is going to form the loop for your button. Tie a knot so your button fits firmly through the loop.  If you tie it too loose you’ll lose your bracelet, too tight and it wont go on easily.
  2. Position your bead just below the knot – not too much space, but enough so the cord doesn’t impede the way the bead lays.
  3. Thread your needle and tie a knot – poke your needle through the leather from the outside, through the bead hole and out the other side.  You might have to go AROUND the leather instead of through it – if your needle wont go.  Just be aware that you want these wraps around the cord to be neat and clean looking.
  4. Go around the cord and through the bead a few times, tie a knot on one side and feed the needle and thread through one more time – cut the thread on the other side of the needle – so you have a long tail but it’s tucked inside the bead.  This will protect from unraveling
  5. Position your next bead and keep going until you think it’s long enough
  6. After you add the last bead, thread on your button and tie it off – try the bracelet on before you snip the extra cording – just to be sure.

Here’s how it looks on – It’s REALLY comfortable – I hardly know it’s there and the beads aren’t very light.