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Honey Sweetened Cinnamon Scones

These are amazing – and fast to whip up.  I found the recipe at – and made it almost verbatim, but I did it ALL in the Food Processor – which makes this amazingly easy.

The dough itself is only sweetened with Honey – but they are topped with cinnamon sugar and a powdered sugar glaze – the scone itself without the topping is sweet – you don’t need the extras with the sugar, but there’s so little all together it makes not a ton of difference -and the sweetness on top adds some depth.

This is actually a really nice base dough – you could use it to make a variety of scone options – and the white whole wheat flour adds a nuttiness that would make almonds and almond flavoring a great option – I’d make these as written the first time – so you can see the consistency of the dough and the “feel” – then when you edit the recipe – you’ll know if you need more flour or moisture.

These work out to about 7 PointsPlus each – which isn’t terrible – considering what a satisfying sweet treat they are.

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Peach Dutch Baby Recipe

Peach Dutch Baby Pancake

I love breakfast for dinner, but sometimes I just want more than scrambled eggs and toast.  Tonight I took a recipe for a berry dutch baby recipe and reworked it to go with canned peaches.

I live in the mountains of Colorado – we definitely have seasonability when it comes to fruit.  We also cannot get all kinds of frozen fruit year round.  I ran out of frozen peaches a few weeks ago – and right now cannot find any in the store.  I can find canned peaches – so I grabbed one of those at the store to have on hand just in case.  This recipe was my “just in case” moment!

Dutch babies are actually a form of skillet pancake that originated in Germany.  They’re baked in a super hot cast iron skillet and work great while at home or even while you’re camping.  These puff up HUGE around the edges as you can see below.  As soon as you remove this from the oven it will start to deflate, so this isnt a brunch recipe, it cant sit at room temp and be tasty 1/2 hour later.  If you try this over the campfire, remember you’ll need a lid for your cast iron dutch oven if you make this while camping though!

Peaches and almonds just go together, so I modified a bit more and used almond extract instead of vanilla as the original recipe called for.  This one has great flavor and is perfect served with a little sprinkling of sliced almonds on top.  Let me know what you think!

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