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Peach Dutch Baby Recipe

Peach Dutch Baby Pancake

I love breakfast for dinner, but sometimes I just want more than scrambled eggs and toast.  Tonight I took a recipe for a berry dutch baby recipe and reworked it to go with canned peaches.

I live in the mountains of Colorado – we definitely have seasonability when it comes to fruit.  We also cannot get all kinds of frozen fruit year round.  I ran out of frozen peaches a few weeks ago – and right now cannot find any in the store.  I can find canned peaches – so I grabbed one of those at the store to have on hand just in case.  This recipe was my “just in case” moment!

Dutch babies are actually a form of skillet pancake that originated in Germany.  They’re baked in a super hot cast iron skillet and work great while at home or even while you’re camping.  These puff up HUGE around the edges as you can see below.  As soon as you remove this from the oven it will start to deflate, so this isnt a brunch recipe, it cant sit at room temp and be tasty 1/2 hour later.  If you try this over the campfire, remember you’ll need a lid for your cast iron dutch oven if you make this while camping though!

Peaches and almonds just go together, so I modified a bit more and used almond extract instead of vanilla as the original recipe called for.  This one has great flavor and is perfect served with a little sprinkling of sliced almonds on top.  Let me know what you think!

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Sun Dried Tomato & Parmesan Peasant Bread

parmesan sun dried tomato bread

While I was mixing up the loaf of Jalapeno Cheddar Crusty Bread, I decided I’d try out another flavor since I had everything out anyway, and mixing these things up takes less than 5 minutes. I’m not sure it’s safe to say we needed another loaf bread in the house, but I justify my cooking by a) feeding it to them; or b) explaining, gently, again, that it’s for blog post.  This tactic doesn’t always work, but if they start to argue I’ll just shove another piece of bread in their face.

This experiment involved some Parmesan cheese I got on sale already grated, which is not my favorite way to buy it, but as I said, it was on sale – and some sun dried tomatoes I got at whole foods.  I have heard from many armchair chefs that the sun dried tomatoes in oil have better flavor and texture.  This may be true, but once opened, they don’t keep for very long before they get funky – so I buy the dried ones and reconstitute in warm water or oil.  For this recipe I put about 5 sun dried tomato halves in a bowl of warm water and let them sit for about 10 minutes.  Then I diced them finely.

parmesan sun dried tomato bread

I do believe you could dye fabric with the sun dried tomato paste, so don’t get this stuff on your clothes.  This is also why my cutting board in the pic below looks like I murdered something on it.  Never fear, completely plant-based compound, this time, I promise 🙂

So I followed the same process as I did with the Jalapeno Cheddar Crusty Bread and have the loaf rising on my counter right now.  It’s going to be awesome – I promise……

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Jalapeno Cheddar Crusty Bread

Jalapeno Cheddar Crusty Bread -

A few days ago I shared the recipe for Easy No Knead Crusty Bread from the Simply So Good website.  I finally got brave and mixed up a loaf of flavored bread.

One of the experiments was a Jalapeno Cheddar loaf.  I thought about this one for a few days, because I wasn’t sure whether to use fresh, pickled or canned jalapenos.  In the end I used the pickled jalapenos because a) I had them on hand; and b) I didn’t have to open a can of something and use about 1/5 of it.

The instructions about how much to add and when to add it were a little vague.  I put my Sherlock hat on and did some deducing.  

1) You’re not really supposed to mess with this bread much after you initially mix it up, so mashing in cheese and other things after it’s risen and before it goes in the oven with little to no raising time seemed counter-intuitive – so I decided to add the extra ingredients right in the initial mix-up.

2) Quantity in the original post is quite vague.  She added 2 1/2 Cups of cheese for 2 loaves, so I thought about 1 cup of cheese would do well, and about 2 Tbsp of Jalapenos.  This was based on her adding 2 full zested lemons to one recipe, and 3/4 Cup of cranberries to another.  Plus, the jalapenos are HOT, so I wanted the loaf to be edible.

It’s edible, it’s VERY edible!

Jalapeno Cheddar Crusty Bread -

So here’s the final recipe:


Jalapeno Cheddar Crusty Bread
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Jalapeno Cheddar Crusty Bread


  • 3 C. Flour
  • 1 3/4 tsp. Salt
  • 1/2 tsp. Yeast
  • 1 C. Shredded Sharp Cheddar Cheese
  • 3 Tbps. Diced Pickled Jalapenos


  1. In a large bowl combine the flour, salt, yeast and water and mix just slightly to combine
  2. Add in the cheese and Jalapenos and stir until just combined and the bread is shaggy
  3. Follow the instructions from the original No Knead Crusty Bread post for baking instructions.

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Easy No-Knead Crusty Bread from Simply So Good

My friend Jennifer over at turned me on to this recipe from the Simply So Good blog.  I have tried a few different kinds of “no knead” bread but really haven’t had much luck.  The loaves generally turned out really dense and tough.

A little history – I’m not a very good bread maker.  I was making a pretty nice recipe in my bread maker, but I only used the maker to knead, not to bake.  I got really sick of having a bread machine in my kitchen.  It’s clunky and only does one thing.  Pretty boring, so I got rid of it.

This bread truly is easy, you stir, let sit overnight, and bake.  The recipe doubles nicely – and please read the entire post about it at Simply So Good because you can add a bunch of different enhancements to the bread to flavor it.  I’m keen to try kalamata olive and rosemary soon.  Probably when Todd and my son are in Denver in a week for a bow show, both despise olives. Continue Reading