My Favorite Scarf

My friends will be quick to tell you that I am one of the most impatient people they know.  In this world of “instant gratification” of high-speed Internet and “buy it instead of make it” I’ve had to really work hard to be patient when starting projects.

That being said, I LOVE to crochet, but I hate to spend weeks or months getting a project done.  I like 2 – 4 hour projects.  I’m a big fan of starting something that I can finish wile I’m watching a movie or two on a Sunday.

This scarf came about for two reasons.  One, I cant ever seem to keep one around my neck.  Long or short I end up tripping over the end or dropping it in the slop on the ground; and two, I didn’t want the project to take all day, let alone weeks.

I tried quite a few different patterns and hated them all, they take too long.  Then I started messing around with Lion brand Hometown USA yarn and a HUGE crochet hook.  I’m talking a size P hook.  They are normally plastic and as big around as my thumb.



So here’s the deal – Simply chain enough to make the scarf as wide as you like it.  I think I did about 10 chains – then chain one more, turn and put a double crochet in the 2nd eye from the hook.  If you want your pattern a little tighter, use single crochets.  I used one whole skein of yarn – about 5 oz or 8 yards and made a nice scarf that isn’t really too long.

I finished it off with the coordinating button from my button jar.  You don’t have to make a special hole, just sew the button on and push it up through the other side.  The button size depends upon your gauge, so experiment with it.

I love this scarf, its warm and comfortable – and best of all – it stays ON!


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Wow, cute idea for a fast and furious gift if you forgot to pic something up.