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Homemade GORP or Trail Mix

My kids are nuts….about nuts….

Well truthfully they like trail mix, but I was really tired of spending a ton of money and getting baggies of raisins back in their lunches.  I finally got smart, asked them what they LIKED in trail mix, and started making my own.

I dont even get the baggies back anymore…..

It’s pretty straight forward – the mixture above has M&Ms, chocolate chips, roasted & salted almonds, dried cranberries, salted cashew pieces and dry roasted peanuts.

Mix well, put in a jar, send in lunches……the end!

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Napkin Tote Bag – Easy DIY Directions for Beginners

My mom is a thrift store junkie – you need something and dont want to pay retail?  Tell my mom and she’ll find it at a thrift store for a fraction of the price.  It might take her a few months, but she’ll find it – or something that will work.

I was at her house last week and she handed me 3 striped cotton napkins and said, “Make me a tote bag for my trip to Branson in May.”  Ummmmm ok….. I’ve stated before I am NOT very good at sewing – and my patience is a bit lacking – so this actually scared me a bit. Continue reading “Napkin Tote Bag – Easy DIY Directions for Beginners”