Frozen Water Bottles to Drink and as Cooler Ice

Frozen Water Bottles to Drink On Roadtrips – No More Soggy Cooler Food

We’re taking a road trip next month – 4 days to Tetons and Yellowstone that includes some fly fishing, horseback riding, and lots of photos and sight-seeing.  I’m planning on packing some road trip food in a cooler, mostly because I’m trying not to eat tons of convenience store garbage – and to save some money.

Instead of using ice, or block ice, I’m going to freeze drinks – water, Gatorade (watered down – we dont like it 100%) and Vitamin Water (also watered down) and use those as “ice” in the ice chest.  There will be some condensation, but not a ton of water splashing around as the ice melts.  And we can drink things as they thaw – and have cold drinks for the trip without stopping and buying sodas.

Frozen Water Bottles to Drink and as Cooler Ice

I’ve been compiling recipes – post to come with those, but I was trying to figure out how to have ice that doesnt make a hot mess out of everything.  I came up with this idea – havent tried it out yet, but I’m 99% sure it will work.  I couldn’t find a pin of this on Pinterest or anything really similar on a Google Search – but I think it will be great.

We’ll see how it works – I’ll post some pics when I throw them in the freezer and pack our cooler for the trip – Might try a trial run with Todd’s lunch next week.

Image Courtesy Deck and Dockside Living