K Cups for Constant Comment
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Constant Comment Tea in a Keurig – Problem Solved!

I just got the family an early Christmas present – A Keurig Brewer. We have a coffee pot, but we also have a tea kettle, and espresso maker, and various other beverage detritus laying around my kitchen.  We also have to solve the caffeine problem in the evenings.  Todd drinks caffeinated coffee at night – and i don’t do caffeine after lunch – so we always had a “who made the coffee” conflict after dinner.

Keurig seems to solve this because we can each have what we want, including the kids’ hot cocoa, etc. I really like the machine, it’s actually the Mr. Coffee brand, but my research showed me that Keurig made it, so same diff.

My one issue – no Constant Comment K-Cups. No such thing….I was sad. Then I put my thinking hat on and solved the problem.

K Cups for Constant CommentYou can buy a refillable K-cup for your machine, I bought one called the Eko-Brew. This makes less waste and I can make 1 cup of our regular coffee if I need it, meaning I don’t have to buy K-cups for regular coffee.

I can also brew tea with the Eko-Brew – using loose leaf tea, or tea bags. I just stuff 1 or 2 tea bags in the Eko-Brew, put it in the Keurig, and way it goes. I will say, 1 bag is pretty weak tea. 2 bags is good – and you can make 2 cups with one set of 2 tea bags, so it works well and there really isn’t any waste with using 2 bags.  I tried doing this by cutting the tea bags open, and then leaving them intact.  I found it wasn’t necessary to cut the bags open and dump the tea in the Eko-Brew.  I just stuffed them in there in the bag.  I did cut the strings off.

 K Cups for Constant Comment

So there it is – problem solved – Constant Comment K-Cups.



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