Chorizo & Black Bean Smothered Burrito Recipe

November 23, 2016 Carrie Hill 0

Share List I’m a fan of throwing something together that’s tasty, flavorful and – most importantly – fast!  If you cook ahead like I try to, having browned chorizo & onion in the freezer or fridge means a quick and easy dinner is about 20 minutes away, depending upon how you decide to use your treasures. I made this up thinking about flavors I like together, what was on sale, >> Get the Recipe!

Dad’s Chili

September 24, 2016 Carrie Hill 0

Share List Can’t believe I’ve not posted this recipe yet.  Daddy’s in town for a few weeks and I decided to make a pot of chili today.  I know the recipe by heart, but couldn’t believe I hadn’t posted it on the blog.  Chili is one of those things where everyone has their own version.  This is a good base – add and take away at will!

Chorizo, Potato & Green Chile Breakfast Burritos

August 28, 2016 Carrie Hill 0

Share List It’s hunting season again, and the guys asked for breakfast burritos they can heat up on the camp stove griddle or right over the campfire for breakfast, lunch or dinner while they’re in camp.  I cobbled together some ingredients and was pleased to hear that they are EXCELLENT additions to their camp staples of hamburgers and hot dogs.  There are different kinds of chorizo you can buy.  Some >> Get the Recipe!

beef with snow peas recipe

Beef and Snow Peas Recipe

April 18, 2016 Carrie Hill 0

Share List I have never made it a secret.  I love Asian food.  Stir fry, dumplings, rice – pretty much any kind that is not fish or seafood, I’ll try.  I like making it at home rather than buying it.  It tastes better, costs less, and you can make a small, inexpensive cut of meat stretch a long way. A wok and a super burner on your gas stove makes this >> Get the Recipe!

parmesan meatballs recipe

Parmesan Meatballs Recipe

March 24, 2016 Carrie Hill 0

Share List I love quick and easy weeknight meals that taste like you spent a ton of time on dinner.  I have made this parmesan meatballs recipe two ways – one from scratch like the recipe below – and the other using frozen store-bought meatballs.  Both are tasty – and there is NOTHING wrong with using good quality frozen meatballs.  It’s a nice shortcut and makes getting dinner on the >> Get the Recipe!

tater tot hot dish recipe

Tater Tot Hot Dish Recipe

March 23, 2016 Carrie Hill 0

Share List Where I’m from in Northern Minnesota – the “Hot Dish” is a tried and true dinner or potluck staple. Called a “Casserole” in other parts of the country – where I’m from the covered glass dish you put the hot dish IN is called the “casserole.” There are probably 5 million recipes like this one out there – some are more elaborate. I love this one because it’s >> Get the Recipe!