Kale Chips Recipe – Amazing!

January 4, 2014 Carrie Hill 0

Share List Yum! I made kale chips tonight – they are pretty trendy and sometimes not worth the effort.  I bought one bunch of kale for $1.20 at the market today and removed the stems when I got home – after washing and spinning in my salad spinner – i baked them up – in about 20 minutes I had a REALLY tasty snack. If you’ve ever wondered, but haven’t >> Get the Recipe!

Double Dark Chocolate Espresso Walnut Cookies

December 20, 2013 Carrie Hill 0

Share List These suckers are seriously easy, and amazingly tasty.  They have been nicknamed “Cub Poops” in my house, because upon seeing them cooling on a rack, my 12yo promptly blurted out, “Hey those look like bear cub poops.”  Boys have poop on the brain 24-7 – gross. I love these because they start with a box mix, but that’s where the “storebought” ends – adding a bit of espresso >> Get the Recipe!

Foaming Hand Soap Dispenser – 5 Minute DIY

November 11, 2013 Carrie Hill 0

Share List I love the foaming hand soap and refill.  I’m not sure why – but foam makes me feel cleaner, and I feel like we use a lot less SOAP this way.  What I don’t like are the ugly bottles.  If you use regular liquid soap, you can buy pretty containers that go with your bathroom decor, or fun ones that go in the kitchen.  NONE of these exist >> Get the Recipe!

Baked Macaroni and Cheese

September 22, 2013 Carrie Hill 0

Share List I’m not going to lie – I have a pretty tragic love/hate relationship with this recipe.  Tonight I finally made a version that was pretty good.  I love the creaminess of this one and the bread crumbs on top add a little bit of texture and tastiness that makes a big difference. I use White American Deli cheese.  I have the deli slice it and i tear it >> Get the Recipe!

Homemade Chicken Potsticker Recipe

September 17, 2013 Carrie Hill 0

Share List I love asian food.  I love potstickers.  I hate buying frozen potstickers because they taste like freezer.  Ick. I finally decided to get brave and try to make my own.  With the pre-made and pre-cut wonton wrappers, this was a really, an easy, if a bit fussy, task.  We’ve talked before – I’m not a fan of fussy cooking – but we have to weigh the cost vs. >> Get the Recipe!