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Trivet Collage

This DIY Project is perfect for a quick gift or a set of Christmas gifts for someone special. Try different combinations of backer and stone/beads to create your own DIY Stone Trivet Project.

6 Great Ideas for Quart Size Mason Jars

Try these 6 Great ideas for your Quart Size jars next time you need a cute centerpiece, a gift or even something handy to store things in. Share the ideas or post your own!

How to Clean a Fresh Pineapple

Seven quick steps to fresh pineapple whenever you want it. I love fresh pineapple and you can too with these easy tips on buying and cleaning your golden delicious gem.

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Looking for quick t shirt upcycle or recycle projects? Here are 10 that require absolutely no sewing, and in a few cases, no cutting at all. You’re going to find that perfect project to transform a blah t shirt into wearable art!

Cast Iron Care and Rescue Tips

Cast Iron skillets are an amazing tool, every home cook should have one or two. You can buy new, or rescue them from a thrift store or yard sale. This post goes over tips for rescuing, seasoning and maintaining your cast iron skillet.

Buying in bulk, portioning and freezing family packs of meat and produce have been a way for the busy home cook to save money on meals for a long time. ¬†Unfortunately the thawing, protecting from freezer burn, and remembering what you have in the freezer is sometimes a nightmare. ¬†I have learned, from trial and […]

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