Grilled Chicken with Mango Salsa and Coconut Rice

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I have posted previously about my dislike for fruit and meat combos, and I’ll stick to that in MOST cases – but last night I made a mango salsa that was amazing with grilled chicken.  Coconut rice was the perfect accompaniment – its not overpowering, and it was really tasty on a piece of Naan Bread with the salsa and chicken.

I bet this salsa would be good with fish, too.  I’m not a huge fish fan – but if I get some nice Cod, Halibut or something else I’ll try it grilled with this salsa.

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Big List of No-Bake Cookies & Desserts

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It’s summer – and while it’s been unseasonably cool in Colorado this last week – It’s not going to last.  We generally crave something a bit sweet in the evenings but tend to not buy cookies and candies at the store.  I prefer to make something, but turning on the oven in the summer can be torture – even at night when its cooler outside.

I started saving no-bake dessert ideas awhile back on Pinterest, and thought I’d compile the ones I’ve liked into a post so I have it handy and can share it with all of you.  My criteria for the list was 4 fold – 1) obviously no baking; 2) easy to assemble – one bowl or pan usually; 3) no exotic ingredients its hard to find in western Colorado; and 4) no fruit and chocolate together – because GROSS. Get the Details!

Beef and Snow Peas Recipe

beef with snow peas recipe

I have never made it a secret.  I love Asian food.  Stir fry, dumplings, rice – pretty much any kind that is not fish or seafood, I’ll try.  I like making it at home rather than buying it.  It tastes better, costs less, and you can make a small, inexpensive cut of meat stretch a long way.

A wok and a super burner on your gas stove makes this go really well – but if you have a regular skillet and an electric cooktop, you can accomplish the same – just get your pan screaming hot and cook things in batches.  Veggie options are flexible – you don’t have to add the cabbage – I like to because it stretches the recipe.  You could double up the snow peas and leave it out.  I also love to stir fry longer pieces of scallion for this, getting a bit of a char on them.  They taste great.

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