32 oz Plastic Grip Jars for Kitchen Organization

32 oz Plastic Grip Jars for Kitchen Organization

Recently I purchased some clear plastic grip jars to help me get a handle on my pantry.  I was being overrun by half-used boxes and packages of this and that – which end up piled in heaps in the back of my pantry.  In an effort to get more organized, I bought these wonderful items from Uline.com and was I ever happy.

plastic Grip jars for storage

I needed to stack these not only on top of each other, but in front & back – and by putting labels on front and on top, it makes things easy to find and access in the pantry.  When the bucket is emptied, I set it on another shelf to remind me to add it to my list.

Yep – I have crisco – Crisco is amazing for certain things, in moderation – including frying pork chops – I promise!

32oz Clear Plastic Grip Jars from Uline.com
Plastic Grip Jars with Wide Mouths to help organize your pantry. 32oz or 1 quart size
Clear Plastic Grip Jars - 32oz
Written by: Carrie Hill
Date Published: 02/05/2013
Be aware, these arent huge. 32 oz is 1 quart or 1/4 Gallon - so these hold roughly 1/4 of a gallon jug of milk in volume. If you need more space, buy larger jars, they come in sizes up to 1 Gallon. I'm probably going to order some half gallon size, but they come in quantities of 24, and I dont need that many. I'll probably wait until I can go Halfsies with someone, interested? I had great luck with these and they were easy to fill and the labels I used stuck nicely. I highly recommend them to anyone looking for storage containers for their Pantry
5 / 5 stars

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